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6th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

23 Jul 2014, Yokohama, Japan
6th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific will be held in Yokohama, Kanazawa, Japan.

High Level Dialogue on Sustainable Cities, Transport and Tourism (HLD) and Global Forum on Human Settlements (GHFA)

10 to 12 Aug 2014, Bogota, Colombia
As a follow-up event to accommodate the second anniversary of teh Rio+20 Conference and implement the discussion, the HLD and GHFS aim to support the rapid and effective implementation of the Rio+20 decision.High Level Dialogue on Sustainable Cities, Transport and Tourism (HLD) and Global Forum on Human Settlements (GHFA)

ADB Transport Forum

16 to 18 Sep 2014, Manila, Philippines

High Level Event on Transport and Climate Change

22 Sep 2014, General Post Office on 8th Avenue, New York, Unite
Organized by: SLoCaT Partnership, UN-DESA and the International Railway Association (UIC).

Supported by: Bridging the Gap Initiative; World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and International Public Transport Association (UITP).

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will organize on 23 September a Climate Summit for World Leaders, with the objective to catalyze action by governments, business, finance, industry, and civil society in areas for new commitments and substantial, scalable and replicable contributions to the Summit that will help the world shift toward a low-carbon economy.

The International Union of Railways (UIC) together with the SLoCaT Partnership and its members as well as UN-DESA are planning to organize a high level event on the transport commitments to the SG’s Climate Summit. This event is planned for 22 September, the day immediately preceding the Climate Summit. It will be hosted by AMTRAK and designed to showcase the key contribution of sustainable transport to mitigation of Climate Change with a dedicated session on the key role of railways as the backbone of sustainable transport systems.

For more information, please feel free to contact;
• Cornie Huizenga, SLoCaT Partnership,
• Nick Craven, International Union of Railways (UIC),
• Petra Messick, Amtrack,
• Mohammad Reza Salamat, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs,

3rd African Association of Public Transport (UATP) Congress and Exhibition

30 Sep to 3 Oct 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa

International Conference: "Climate Change and Transport"

9 to 10 Oct 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany

CODATU Seminar 'Climate Change: A common opportunity to transform urban transport'

14 Oct 2014, Paris, France
In September 2014, Ban ki-Moon, General-Secretary of the UN, is organizing a Climate summit that aims to reinforce the State’s political willing to commit on a new binding agreement. This summit will prepare the discussions to the international negotiations that will take place in Lima (Peru) in December during the COP20. The stakes of these two meetings are high since firsts positions might be taken. CODATU and its partners decided to dedicate this journey to the climate change as an opportunity to transform urban public transport between these two events to:
- Remind the role that can be played by urban transport in developed countries as in developing countries on the fight against climate change,
- Mobilize the transport stakeholders in France for them to get the fight against global warming as an opportunity to innovate and improve mobility-offering especially in urban areas.

This one-day seminar will show the role that urban transport can play in the fight against climate change and how it could become a vehicle for structuring a sustainable city. It also aims to mobilize the public decision-makers and stakeholders on the perspectives of voluntary commitments before 2020 so they will be included as efforts on the “positive agenda”.

This journey is a public event.

18th Latin American Public Transportation Association (ALATPU) Congress

20 to 24 Oct 2014, Argentina

XV Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities

21 to 23 Oct 2014, Sydney, Australia

Transport Day 2014

7 Dec 2014, Lima, Peru
Following the success of Transport Day 2013 in Warsaw (Poland), Bridging the Gap Initiative (BtG) and the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) will be organising Transport Day 2014 in the context of COP 20 to be held in Lima, Peru.

The venue for Transport Day 2014 is the Sheraton Lima Hotel in Lima, Peru.

If you would like to contribute in Transport Day 2014 please e-mail Heather Allen ( and Talya Enriquez Romano ( or Yorgos Voukas (